Diana Rosdolsky B.phil.

Group Psychotherapy for Expats


“O wad some Power the giftie gie us,
To see ourselves as others see us!
(Robert Burns, To a Louse)

“’Group members will not have to talk about their problems in the group, they will have them.’” (Group Therapy with Addicted Populations, Philip Flores, PhD)


Why Group Therapy?

Psychotherapy in a group may feel awkward and even intimidating. We may ask ourselves how others who are also suffering could be of any help.


But psychotherapy in a group may be an excellent option for people who…

  • … are adjusting to life in a foreign country, to a new job or new family,
  • … are faced with the problems and challenges of speaking a foreign language,
  • … are living in relationships with partners or friends of a different cultural background
  • … and who are confronted with loneliness and tend towards social withdrawal.


Psychotherapy in a group can enable you….

  • … to experience with group members difficulties that you may be having in relationships outside of the group,
  • … to identify these difficulties in the “here and now” of the group,
  • … to understand your feelings and emotional reactions to others,
  • … to become more aware of the feelings of others,
  • … and to change your way of interacting with others in a positive way.


More on group psychotherapy

In groups we can experience ourselves and our immediate thoughts and feelings as they emerge and develop towards other members, the group leader and the group itself.

In our everyday lives, our interactions with others forms our personalities and our perception of ourselves. We are constantly reshaping our individual personalities in accordance with the relationships we maintain with others. Without others we simply are not and cannot be who we are.

Group therapy gives us the opportunity to more closely understand ourselves and our relations with others. In the immediate here and now of the group we can explore our emotional reactions to others without dwelling on past experiences. Although these will aid in understanding the present moment of the group, they are not the immediate focus.

Groups are a kind of training ground for life. As we relive our past relationships and interpersonal experiences in the group, we can change and grow in positive and life-enhancing ways. 

Weekend psychotherapy groups

I offer weekend group psychotherapy taking place on a monthly basis. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me for more information and an initial free consultation.