Diana Rosdolsky B.phil.


Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an Explorative Journey

“Two roads diverged in a wood, - and I
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.”
(The Road not Taken by Robert Frost)


Life can easily become overly burdensome.
Emotional difficulties may be wearing you down and keeping you from living life to its fullest.
It takes courage to undertake a journey into your innermost feelings, thoughts and wishes.
Uncertainty and fear may make it difficult to take that first step.

Therapeutic support can help you take the journey towards positive and lasting changes in your life.


It is a journey that we take together….

  • to reflect on your inner experiences,
  • to gain insight into your past life and its influence on the present,
  • to work through emotional difficulties and hardships,
  • and to open a world of healing, change and emotional growth.

My Personal Approach 

As a therapist, I deeply value the relationships that I have with my clients. I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of new emotional experiences made possible through our interaction.

I believe that the psychotherapeutic relationship is essentially intersubjective. This means that I do not attempt to take a bird’s-eye view of our exchange in the consulting room but participate fully in our common experience.

I feel privileged to accompany my clients on their individual journey of emotional change and growth.


The Psychotherapeutic Relationship 

“No man (or woman!) is an island, entire of itself…” (John Donne)

Without others we cannot know who we are. I believe that our sense of self is created and maintained through our relationships with other people.

Depression, anxiety or longstanding emotional pain may be the direct result of difficult and damaging relationships. This holds equally true for feelings of disappointment, aggravation or unremitting anger.

The psychotherapeutic relationship is an emotional connection and bond. I believe that it is an essential part of the process of reflection, emotional healing and growth.

Fees & Insurance

  • Individual psychotherapy:
    € 90 for a 50-minute session or
    160  for a 90-minute session
  • Group psychotherapy:
    € 35 for a 90-minute session.

Austrian health insurance providers partially reimburse both individual and group psychotherapy.

For individuals whose financial situation makes it difficult to pay my full fee, I offer psychotherapy for a reduced fee. Please feel to inquire about my sliding-scale fee option. Your cancellation fee will be adjusted to the fee you are able to pay.

Cancellation Policy: I request a 48 hours’ notice for the cancellation of a psychotherapy session. Cancellations made later than 48 hours in advance incur a €50 cancellation fee. If you do not show up after an appointment, you will be charged the full session.