Reasons for going to a therapist abound. You may be struggling with anxiety, sadness, feelings of hopelessness or feelings of uprootedness in a new culture. Or you may need help sorting out problems in relationships, at work or university. Or perhaps you are simply on the road to greater self-awareness and curiosity in what caused you to become who you are. 

Amongst the many reasons people come to see me, some have become of especial professional and personal interest to me. 


You may have traumatic memories, or you may just have a hunch that you`ve suffered trauma. It may be something quite recent such as the end of a relationship, or it may be violence, abuse, or neglect in childhood. Perhaps you experience flashbacks, find yourself triggered by situations in ways you can’t explain, or you may be suffering from reoccurring nightmares. Survived trauma manifests in many ways. 

Whatever the trauma you have survived, whether abuse, violence, or a single traumatic incident, if it impacts negatively on your present life, it may be good to talk about it with a therapist. This will help process those experiences and will reduce their negative impact on your life. 


Although living in a foreign country can bring wonderful opportunities for cultural exploration, it also comes with emotional challenges. You may be missing friends or family, familiar surroundings, or culture specific ways of communicating. Or you may simply be feeling unsettled, uprooted, or anxious. 

Such feelings can negatively affect your psychological well-being, and at times questions around your identity may even have arisen. Perhaps you are no longer at home anywhere, and a sense of uprootedness has become all-pervasive. 

Whatever the emotional challenges you are confronting, it may be helpful to talk about them with a therapist.