Diana Rosdolsky, Psychotherapist

I offer support for people suffering from the consequences of …


  •  relational trauma,
  •  childhood abuse and neglect,
  •  abusive or toxic relationships,
  •  transgenerational trauma.


I also work with Expats and Adult Third Culture Kids (TKCs) struggling to adjust to a new home and culture.


I offer a safe and supportive space in which you can explore your emotional struggles, and any difficulties you may be experiencing in creating the kind of life you are seeking.

Diana Rosdolsky, MA.


Abingdon Practice

18 Edward Street, OX14 1DL Abingdon

+44 730 5821268

Vienna Practice

Höhnegasse 19/20, 1180 Wien
+43 650 4709133

As I am not always available to speak on the phone, the best way to contact is by email.
E-Mail: rosdolskyd@gmail.com